Sellers General Construction will prepare your commercial or residential site for construction. Sitework is a task performed at a location prior to physical construction of a building. It involves the preparation of the property so that the physical construction can begin.

Sitework involves land clearing, demolition, grading, debris removal, hauling away, sewer systems installation along with other utilities, concrete work, asphalt installation, and landscaping.  

The initial step before sitework begins is to survey the property. In this phase, a licensed surveyor will create a topographical map, establishing property boundaries. Once an accurate site survey is performed, one can then begin land clearing. Land clearing includes removing trees, stumps, demolition if needed, and under brushing. Once the land is cleared, grubbing will take place to remove from the property any logs, roots, and debris. Sellers General Construction will then shape, grade, remove, or bring in new soil to prepare and stabilize the building site for storm drain and foundation installation.

Erosion control factors will be considered for all job sites. Sellers General Construction will implement what is necessary to minimize wind and water erosion on the building site and adjacent properties. We will employ a variety of measures to also prevent habitat damage, soil loss, and water pollution.

Work done on the project site is just as critical as the new building structure itself. Sellers General Construction can provide expertise for each phase of site development, beginning with land clearing, managing utility infrastructure, and eventually ensuring proper landscape installation. Trust Sellers General Construction for your sitework needs.